Renewable Energy Risk Analysis

If you have financial interest in the performance of renewable energy —in the next 5 minutes or the next 50 years—you have exposure to weather and climate risk.

We use weather science to help clients manage the risk of weather-driven variability—anywhere on earth and across all time horizons. It’s not just data. It’s relevant and actionable intelligence. We provide the context our clients need to balance risk with opportunity.

Since the beginning of 2011 year, Plaza Property Development has been driven by the belief that our clients’ financial success will propagate a sustainable future powered by renewable energy. We have built a world-class team with expertise in wind, solar, and hydro power generation. We have developed a proprietary technology platform that enables us to deliver accurate and objective answers quickly.

Our Projects:

 47 Mw Solar Projects Presentation successfully finished on 31 June 2013 year. Plaza Property Development was  Project Manager Company of the hole project